GCSE’s 2022 season has arrived, and exams are a hot topic on Twitter.

Up and down, school teens ask questions on social media every year, especially when the paperwork is difficult.

Thursday’s Edexcel Maths material appears to have been the worst so far, with students complaining about “impossible” questions.

While students wait for their grades, the Internet is full of memories of the GCSE 2022 exam. Here is the funniest collection of all …

Desktop organizers with a variety of files and educational books labeled GCSE, KS3, and poetry, according to a British high school exam.

Fun GCSE 2022 memories from Twitter

GCSE students scroll through Twitter:

I’m trying to find out if 31 is the prime number.

That math paper didn’t do very well:

Writing about the bad in the RE exam:

English was a little weird:

However, the last question:

Everyone is opening a biology class:

When you tweet about GCSE rather than tweet again:

The brain stops working:

GCSE is dying after the play:

Use the word big instead of big in English:

Right now I’m lucky:

My immediate response to opening every GCSE paper:

The film to destroy the scorpion:

There is always a handsome man:

GCSE is trying to find out the story:

The guy who took the English test:

It will be like this:

GCSE does not have a biological context:

Avatar: Waterway | Official teaser trailer



Avatar: Waterway | Official teaser trailer






You look at the math question on the math paper:

Take a sip of water:

However, the scorpion:

Absolute waffles to chat with:

No English GCSE context:

In other news, TikTok explained the meaning of 1437 in the text as the trend is becoming viral

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