Here is top most Repeated MCQS in PPSC past papers. Read and also watch on our You Tube channel.

1. Who reign is called Golden age of Mughals?
Ans: Shah Jahan

2. Zia ul Haq toom oath as present of Pakistan on?
Ans: 23 March 1985

3. Muhammad khan junejo took oath as PM of Pakistan?
Ans: 23 March 1985


4. When 8th Amendment was approved by senate?
Ans: 0ct 31, 1985

5. 8th Amendment introduced to NA?
Ans: 30 Sep 1985

6. First Discovered oil field?
Ans: Toot

7.  Gypsum more resources in ?
Ans: Warcha


8. Velocity of light first measured by?
Ans: Roomer*

9. Vitamin that can be stored in liver?
Ans: Vitamin A

10.  Brass is alloy of?
Ans: Cu and Zn

11. Lira is the Currency of
Ans: Turkey


12. Which is the second largest City of Pakistan?
Ans: Lahore

13. Pakistan Tehreek e insaf was founded on
Ans: 25 April 1996

14. Which is the biggest continent in the World?
Ans: Asia

15. Who Gave little of Quid e Azam to Muhammad Ali jinnah?
Ans: Maulana Mazharruddin


16.How many Surah Starts with Al Hamdulillah?
Ans: Five

17.National River
Ans: River Indus

18.National Tree
Ans: Cedrus Deodara

18. National Vegetable?
Ans: Lady Finger


19. National Airline?
Ans: PIA

20.  Kathamandu is the capital of Which Country?
Ans: Nepal

21.  Who discovered penicillin?
Ans: Alexander Fleming

22. Napier is a city in which country?
Ans: New Zealand


23.  In Which country is the Ancient city of Tarus ?
Ans: Turkey

24. What is measured by an ammeter?
Ans: Electric Current

25.  Which is larger ( Norway or Finland)
Ans: Finland

26.  Mount Logan is the highest peak in which country?
Ans: Canada


27. What is the main port of Italy?
Ans: Genoa

28.  What is the Capital of Libya?
Ans: Tripoli

29. The river Danube rises in which country?
Ans: Germany

30. Indus Originates from Tibet near?
Ans: Mansorowar Lake


31.  In Which State is Harvard university?
Ans: New Jersey

32.  Silicon Valley is located in ?
Ans: California USA*

33.  Cholera Caused by?
Ans: Vibrio Cholera

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