Netflix has released the first eight minutes of the movie Strange things The series 4 – and there are more questions than ever before about the much-anticipated series for fans.

If you want to surprise the show, this is a warning to you …



We have only a week left in the end is Strange things 4, Netflix keeps us on our toes. After filming the first eight minutes of first grade, Twitter did its usual thing.

Some fans reacted more briefly than others …

While other people are showing us how many questions we have now …

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One thing is clear – Strange things can’t come fast enough.

Strange things Never before for rude people, but these eight minutes proved that the Netflix phenomenon is evolving rapidly.

What really happened?

An exciting 8-minute teaser brings us back to 1979, and our beloved daughter Eleven (Millie Bobby-Brown) seems to have done something quite confusing …

`Brenner (Matthew Modin) went through all the tests of his child, who was brutally disabled (and probably dead) before he was confronted with a blood-soaked 11, and Hawkins’ lab pictures were splattered with blood:” What did you do? “

And we’re all wondering the same thing …

Of course, isn’t this a teenager who is obsessed with Ego, whom we adore, and who loves Mike? Looking back on the period before Series 1, of course, are we going to find out what happened to Eleven at Hawkins Lab?

And another important part Strange things The 8 minute part we’re all thinking about right now…

Who are those other children?

After meeting Cali in Season 2, are we going to meet a lot of people with Brenner’s challenge? Or was it too late for El to kill them all?

All we know is that we have only one week left to answer. Wait too long? Read all about some madness Strange things 4 theories shown to fans really don’t know what to expect

Try Strange things Teaser 8 minutes of right repetition here.

In other news, Netflix has canceled the Wings of Fire plan, and fans are wondering why.

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