Afterlife of the Party soundtrack: Every song explored

Netflix’s new comedy, Afterlife of the Party, premieres today, Sept. 2, 2021. It’s a must-watch because it is a party-filled movie with an important life lesson.

The film follows a sociable party girl Cassie aka Victoria Justice who is looking forward to her birthday ready to become a massive party animal, but then tragedy strikes and only a week before her birthday she dies.

To her surprise, she gets a second chance on earth whereby she has the opportunity to correct the wrongs she has done whilst alive. If she proves that she deserves it, the door to VIP heaven will be opened for her.

Afterlife of the Party | Official Trailer | Netflix



Afterlife of the Party | Official Trailer | Netflix





Afterlife of the Party soundtrack explored

Blush – Spencer Sutherland
Timestamp: 0:00 Scene: Song is heard at the introduction of the movie. With the opening title of the film fading in. Cassie is stood in front of the mirror as her and her friend Lisa dance around their apartment.

Blush – Spencer Sutherland
Timestamp: 0:06 Scene: The song can be heard playing as the girls are dancing in the club.

5. Score Suite – Jessica Rose Weiss Timestamp (08:28) The composer of the film, has a sound score which plays in the background to scenes.

Drive – Spencer Sutherland
Timestamp: 0:46 / 0:49 Scene: Lisa says: Hey Google play “Drive” by Koop. Cassie and Lisa dance around the apartment to the song and Lisa turns it all the way up.

Blush – Spencer Sutherland
Timestamp: 0:57 Scene: Max accidentally lets this song play.

One Look – Spencer Sutherland
Timestamp: 1:04 Scene: Koop is standing in front of a blue convertible as Max and Lisa are holding hands; the music video for the song is being recorded. Cassie teleports in front of the camera and starts dancing.

I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos
Timestamp: 1:06 Scene: The sun starts to set and Lisa is sitting on the couch in Max’s apartment with a glass of wine in hand. Lisa and Max begin to kiss each other.

Home – Spencer Sutherland & Victoria Justice
Timestamp: 1:43 Scene: Cassie and Koop hold hands, as the song brings in the end of the movie, the credits follow.

Netflix’s new comedy Afterlife of the Party

Maisie Music Publishing will release the soundtrack album for the Netflix original film Afterlife of the Party, so you can listen to the whole mix anywhere. The 5-track EP features four original songs performed by Spencer Sutherland who stars in the movie. Of course, there’s a duet with the lead actress Victoria Justice, which many know and love from Victorious. Included is a score suite by the film’s composer Jessica Rose Weiss.

The soundtrack will be released digitally today, September 2, and will be available to stream on most digital music services. Afterlife of the Party is directed by Stephen Herek and stars Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Timothy Renouf, Adam Garcia, Gloria Garcia and Myfanwy Waring.

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