Ahmad Hafnaoui | Ahmed Ayoub Hafnaoui| Ayoub Hafnaoui Tunisia | Olympics | Hafnaoui Natation

Ahmed Hafnaoui | Ahmed Ayoub Hafnaoui | Ayoub Hafnaoui Tunisia | Olympics | Hafnaoui Natation

An 18-year-old Tunisian had a surprise in the 400-meter freestyle swimming and won the fifth gold medal for his country.

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oussama mellouli, احمد حفناوي
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Ahmed Hafnaoui cheered when he discovered he had won the extremely close race, waving his fists and putting both hands on his forehead as he claimed victory.


He seemed genuinely surprised by the result: “I can’t accept that, it’s too unbelievable.”

Hafnaoui started the race with the slowest qualifying time of the eight swimmers, but hit the wall first and beat Australian Jack McLoughlin by just 0.16 seconds. Kieran Smith from the USA took bronze, about half a second behind the winner.

“It’s amazing. I feel better in the water than yesterday, and that’s it,” Hafnaoui told NBC after the race. “I am now an Olympic champion.”

Ahmed Hafnaoui,Ahmed Ayoub Hafnaoui,Ayoub Hafnaoui Tunisia,Olympics,hafnaoui natation,احمد الحفناوي,400m freestyle,bein sport,400m freestyle tokyo,أحمد الحفناوي,احمد حفناوي,oussama mellouli,ahmed al hafnaoui,ahmed hosnaoui,on jabeur,olympiade Tokyo 2021


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