BRAIN TIME ► 1) Pearl Submarine (Preview) 2) Smaco s300 (Preview) 3) Ralévo Roller (Preview) 4) Air-Based Structure (Preview) 5) BionicOpter 6) Petvation 7) TAJIMA Helmet Fan 8) Yaw2 Bed Up Down 10) OLANG BOOTTS WITH GRIP 11) Trakjak 12) Fulcrum PowerPod 13) FloodBreak 14) 571CK 15) HandEnergy 16) Azeron Cyborg Compact 00:00 – Fulcrum Die Down – Bed5000: The Uploader PowerPod. 02:14 – Azeron Cyborg Compact 03:04 – Yaw2 03:57 – HandEnergy 04:53 – Smaco s300 05:32 – Ralévo Roller 06:16 – Air-supported structure 07:01 – BionicOpter 07:48 – Petation 07:47 – TAJIMA helmet fan 09:38 – ATRALTAI OLANG PUTIS 10:31 – Trakyak 11:18 – FloodBreak 12:12 – 571CK Please contact us for copyright issues:

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  1. 7:38 after my dog was attacked and disfigured by a pack of strays, it tried escaping them by coming inside through the automatic pet door with facial recognition quality, but the device didn't let him in because he had already lost a small portion of it's ear and was denied entry by the damn A.I.

    Fluffy got ripped to bits right outside of his home!


  2. 6:56 mobile solar panels exist that can provide power. This allows you to set up camp anywhere you want to get out of the elements for a hot minute. given how easy it looks to set up, this could be stored in a backpack setup for a bike.

  3. While I love your videos, the whole "stop being lazy" thing is unnecessary, not to mention extremely rude, you seriously need to Stop doing that. it makes me not want to watch and im sure im not the only one whi feels that way

  4. That charging ball would be great if they added a double slide…so it goes up a slide and down without touching it…so once you let it go in this U slide it rolls up and down it..

  5. As a Master Diver I implore you to not use scuba gear, or breath pressurised gas if you have not had proper training. The most dangerous depth of water when scuba diving is down to only 30 feet. Its the greatest pressure differential the air volume is 2 to 1 at that depth. If you lungs hold a litre of air at the surface but you have a litre at depth it becomes 2 litres at the surface. You can literally explode your lungs if you hold your breath with pressurized gas at that depth and less. Having fun is not worth risking your life. Scuba diving is a very safe and enjoyable hobby but for your own sake get proper training from a recognized and respected organization. Please…

  6. Really want one of those air conditioned safety helmets. The only thing is, as a construction manager I would recommend UK versions only need 3hrs on full & 6hrs on half power as you can never get the lazy ass contractors to work any longer than that each day.

  7. That bed is a Murphy bed and illegal in most of the world because its a literal death trap and was banned after the Murphy bed killed million of people around the world.

  8. I see significant problem with that bad for people that live in warmer climates like me it gets rid of the ability to have a ceiling fan

  9. is there a possibility that vigorous on bed movements, making love for example could damage the wires or steel rods and collapse?

  10. I noticed you did mention the compact diving bottles are considered dangerous with the potential to cause lung damage

  11. 1:40 I don't think I would trust anything that big not to come down suddenly. Not to mention the real possibility of the remote not working or the bed getting stuck up there. Tech is great but there are drawbacks as we all know.

  12. Damn! I was hoping the Pearl Diver was a re-breather. Someone seriously needs to figure out how to give us gills!

  13. You won't get my support by telling me that I don't know something. How do you know what I do or don't know. How arrogant and condescending

  14. I'm no scuba diver, but I'm willing to bet that mini tank thing lasts less time than you could achieve from a decent free dive.

  15. 🥴 The Hand Energy Pocket Energy Generator sure was a scam they still have not got anywhere, lot's of complaints on their website.

  16. Samaco s300….NOT ON YOUR LIFE…no way 10 mins let alone an "easy'" way to pump it up…I call bigtime BS

  17. you need to lower the audio level of your videos. Every time i watch one i have to turn it way down. great content, though. truly love the variety of gadgets, etc.!

  18. If they can put that hand generator on teenage boys wrists the worlds energy problem would disappear over night. A whole new source of green energy will be found, it’s only fuel is the occasional dirty magazine. 😏

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