ANDREW GARFIELD Responds To Leaked Photos of Him & Tobey Maguire In Spider-Man No Way Home

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  1. I kinda think he is not in the film, because his face expression is telling the truth that he is not in the film and I believe that picture was photoshopped.

  2. I found a fake video of Spider-Man no way home on YT I will post it to you on your Twitter when I get a chance
    (Please read this if and when u see this)

  3. It’s fake ffs.
    He will be in the movie but it looks so good he can’t say otherwise. Some people do this for a living. There are few that can make anything look good.
    It doesn’t mean he’s not in it but it’s so real that he has no choice. Give him a break or you deserve to not have him in it. It’s already somewhat comfirmed so give him a break

  4. I’m sick of this. It’s fake but that doesn’t mean he won’t be in it.
    If you’re good enough you can do anything look real. Ffs
    Some people do this for a living .
    Get yourself a brain

  5. I’m stoked for this movie beyond belief but what if Marvel is only filming things with Toby and Andrew to throw everyone off? Next level Tom Holland spoiler defense.

  6. Andrew in the interview being asked about his leaks : it's a photoshop.

    Andrew when the movie been release : suprise mother fuckers!

  7. He should have said it was from TASM 2, saying its photoshopped has given him away. If it was from TASM 2 then sony would be justified in taking them down but if its photoshopped they wouldnt.

  8. This is like when ewan mcgregor had laughed about it in a interview 😆 when he was asked for years and trying to keep it together

  9. All I'm saying is that Marvel knows what'll make the fans happy , and that's Tobey and Andrew being in the movie… If not. Then they're not.

  10. Even after the movie, when we all will be disappointed.
    The cosmic wonder will still make videos about that, they are on the movie!

  11. There are 3 versions of spiderman

    1. Have history of spoiling the movie
    2. Try as best as he can to not spoil the movie
    3. Never been interview yet


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