Apple's entire iOS 15 event in 11 minutes (WWDC21 supercut)

Today at Apple: Tim Cook and Craig Federighi revealed iOS 15, WatchOS 8, updates to FaceTime, AirPods, iPadOS, iMessage, and even new live text features.



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  2. So I'm driving down the highway and a cop pulls me over in a participating State. He asks for my Driver's License, proof of Registration and Insurance. I hand him my phone with the license displayed in Apple Wallet along with the paper copy's of my Registration and Insurance Card. He now takes my unlocked phone back to his Cruiser to run all of my data. While he has my unlocked phone in his possession he decides to go through my pictures and some of my other personal information. I don't think I'd be comfortable with that scenario. Is Apple going to ensure that the phone is locked but for the display of the license or ID or is the phone going to be unlocked allowing free access to anything else on it?


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