Assistant Ministrial Bps-15
Image:Assistant Ministrial Bps-15

Here are some questions from Assistant Ministrial

BPS-15 Conducted by ITS (12-01-202).

1- how many camels were sacrificed at the time of Prophet S.A.W’S only hajj ocation
2- which is the first Mosque at earth
3- which Ralitive of Prophet PBUH were goes to hijrart e Habsha
4- How many Manzils of Quran e Paak
5- Which surah start with Muhammad ur Rasal Allah SAW
6- when Roza was Obligatory
7- which prayer have no Azan
8- How many Funadmental of islam
9- which is relation between hazarat Mousa & Haroon a.s
10- what is metintioned on the Stamp of Prophet SAW
11- khusro bikhtiyar is belonged to which country
12- when wazu made compulsory
13- total number of farz Namaz
14- which country gives right of vote to womens firstaly
15- woh is the current director of pakistan Red Crescent Socity
16- how mant fund was fixed fot the trible areas of pak in 2018
17- how many members of Saarc have
how many agency are added in Fata recently
18- which plant is called drawf plant
19- who represents Sindh in 1947
20- sui was discovered in which part of country
21- which key is use for spelling check
22- how many table you can interest in one page
23- how you open a new file with existing file
24- what is extension name of ms word
25- who constructed GT Road
26- first consiuse were conducted in pakistan

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