Vocabulary is a very important and basic skill for learning any language. Vocabulary plays an important part in all four language skill as listening, reading, speaking and writing. We can’t deny the importance of vocabulary development, especially for students. in this regard on our website all to learn, we have decided to post English daily vocabulary for all competitive exams i.e CSS, ILETs, PMS, PCS, GAT, GRE, NAT, NTS, SSC, Banking exams and daily use.

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3rd July 2019

Apprehension, noundought, worry,fearease,certainty,faith,
Ghastlyadjhorrifying,dreadful,palebeautiful, pleasant, comforting
Immemorialadjancient,old, archaicnew, recent, memorable
Inclinationnountendency, blent, affectionantipathy,hate ,aversion
Owingadjunpaid, unsettled, in debtpaid, resolved,settled
Poignantadjaffective, painful, intensesmooth, blunt,indifferent
Prevalentadjaccepted, common, ramptinfrequent, rare, scarce
Pursueverbchase, follow, seek, go afterignore, neglect, shun
Supplant verb replace, overthrow,undermineallow, permit, surrender
Unscrupulousadjimmoral, unethical, deceitfuldecent, lawful, moral
Whimsnounsudden idea, impulse, inclinationdislike, certinaity, reality

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