Dan From Game Grumps Outed as a Groomer?

This wasn’t the video I was expecting to make today. Though oddly enough I was just thinking about Game Grumps, and how I planned to make a “Why I Unsubscribed from Game Grumps” video. I figured it would be a pretty unpopular video though.

Well that just changed. On the r/rantgrumps subreddit a user has come forever with evidence that a young woman was groomed by Dan Avidan of Game Grumps aka “Danny Sexbang”.

Rumors of this type have been circulating for years, but as far as I know this is the first demonstrated proof. I want to remind everyone though, until it’s proven in a court of law, these are legally speaking “allegations”. Use your own judgement.

As well as covering the controversy I’ve also gone ahead and used this as an off the cuff version of the “Why I Unsubscribed from Game Grumps” video I mentioned. Documenting the decline from JonTron leaving, Steam Train Ending, to the Table Flip/Sling disaster.

I’m sorry to everyone saddened to hear this news. And of course even more sorry to anyone who might have been a victim of this, if true.

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  1. To quote a reddit post from "biggestsmellyorange" with regards to the "evidence" post:

    "This post is EXTREMELY misleading. OP claims this is proof that Dan sexted, slept with and ghosted a young fan. However, if we take into account the date in which the girl turned 18 (oct 2013), and we compare it with the only screenshot that shows dan talking about sexual stuff with her, we can see that she was 22 at the time, so she was AT LEAST 22 when she was ghosted, although the Live Show talked about in the post could've totally happened years later, but surprise! The OP did not clarify that! Wonder why! Might be because OP wants to make the time frame between the events look as worse as possible for Dan, since in the last paragraph the OP makes the time frame between Dan contacting her and her turning 18 years (as seen in the "As the years went by"), when in reality it was less than a fucking month (They contacted Dan in September 2013, and they turned 18 in October 2013).

    I'm not saying Dan didn't groom kids, I'm not saying this isn't one of his victims, I'm just saying this post is full of crap. And if the post is full of crap, then you start questioning some important details, for example, there is literally 0 proof that this is Dan at all."


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