Dream Made A MISTAKE…

… Dream portrayed throwing away pills to help with mental health, dream also showed another dream face reveal, dream apologised to the black members of his …



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  2. Dream was saying that all people should be included and he apologised for something he did. I also just want to say that Dream was not 'hey kids don't take the pills those pesky doctors gave to people, your better without' He's showing how he struggled with it as a kid and he threw them out as he thought he didn't want them to be 'Normal'. He was showing as a kid he was a rebel against medication but this does not mean people should follow in his footsteps. He thought people were smart enough to realise this and not realised that people were dumb enough not to think about the song or the video as it shows his PERSONAL STRUGGLES AS A KID. Thank you :)))))

  3. Honestly, this doesn't seem like a big deal at all, who cares if someone misinterprets a situation, it's not the end of the world. I don't mean to send hate or anything but some of the Dream-related topics are taken way too far. The title of the video is literally called "Dream made a MISTAKE…" WHO CARES WE ALL DO! Again this isn't hating, however, there are better ways to get views than to lead gossip of a big youtuber.

  4. I don’t think Dream would misinterpret something like this, I think when he tweeted “drugs” people may have been offended and he was replying to those who were. However if that was not the case, I do agree with you and that he completely misinterpreted this

  5. Dream was probably nervous that people would come at him for a harmless tweet, as they often do. So Dream Tried to apollogized, and apologized for the wrong thing, which is the issue. Now they think he is Racist-

  6. this is actually not what happened. people under the reply of dream saying the drug thingy were saying he was racist and that he was generalizing the rappers/black community. also, i dont agree with you, the dream community is not rly that inclusive, unfortunately.

  7. I just don’t think the initial drama was necessary. He never said it was a good thing and explained that it was something he had done when he was younger, people are so quick to assume shit. As for the racism part I’m iffy.

  8. I think you missed some really important parts.

    In the beginning it was about people wondering why he was pouring his ADHD meds down the sink and worrying that it would influence others who actually needed the meds to do the same

    Dream explained that it was his personal experience with the medication that young him poured it down the sink because the meds made him very unhappy

    Eventually he lashed out slightly saying rap music was all about drugs and they were just targeting him. This offended many POC members of the community. He replied to one person who called him out on it, and she got attacked by many fans.

    She then dmed him asking him to apologize publicly for influencing black stereotypes, and tell his fans to back off

    He did delete the messages. But when she said part of his community was anti-black and they had to deal with a lot of it and wanted him to speak about it he talked over her and said that it wasn't at all. Which upset people further

    He did follow more POC creators and others like some asked to him which was good though.

    He refused to apologize publicly and only did it on his private. That's why most people are upset, and say he is hiding behind his private.

    You are missing very very important parts

  9. he didnt misinterpret it, people online were taking what he said, and saying because of the "drugs drugs turn that shit up" as if black peoples music is only about drugs. Which just further fits into the stereotype of black music. he didnt do anything, people are just reaching.

  10. Okay, so I'm not trying to start something, I just want some clarification: were you annoyed that Dream has to prove he's not a racist, or were you mad because he's trying to prove he's not a racist?

  11. I still hate him for what he did because people make mistakes and it is very rude what he did, but I don’t think that I have a stance on this even though I’m entitled to my opinion I don’t think I have a stance on this because I’m not black and I don’t know what the racism is to Black people I’ve never done it myself. Therefore I don’t know how people are taking it.

    But also the medication thing is just showing his experience and I don’t think that he’s trying to say anything in that sort of way that you shouldn’t listen to your doctors and you shouldn’t do your prescribed medication but he is showing his experience and that’s just his experience it’s not anyone else’s everyone’s experience is different I have a sister that has medication for ADD and there are different things in different ways that you can deal with it.

  12. Yeah it's bad to throw medication away but dream never said that is a good thing. It's something that he did and he already said even before the song was released that it's bad and nobody should do that and about the thing with the black community the Twitter first said that mentioning d*ugs is racist so he just apologized

  13. i think when dream was apologising for being racist, its because when he said the thing about drugs, people thought dream was saying that black rappers are addicted to drugs or something idk
    hope this made sense and plz dont come at me for saying this

  14. I don't understand how he misinterpreted the situation. And how he uses his likes category to show he supports black people and saying he had black friends is a way to prove himself- If he was IN that situation I don't think he should use that to justify himself. It's kinda how like Zoe Laverne tried to justify herself by saying she had a black friend and asked her is saying the n word bad. However, I have came to conclusion that he probably read a tweet saying that he's racist or something. Or he's addressing a different situation that we probably don't know(?) I don't really know. However, I think it could be one of the two, or something totally different, or a more accurate term that you stated from the beginning; He misinterpreted it.

  15. Dream taking a stance on different things that aren't important isn't something new
    He has ignored or misinterpreted the information before or simply showing that he doesn't care
    That's why a lot of people hate him

    I too hate this part of him, but we'll see in the future the different actions Dream does and then I'll let you know if I dislike him or not


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