Fire and Ice by Jhameel (Remix)

I hope this song can help you find hidden courage, strength, and vigor when it seems like you have none left. The world is changing quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. It means it’s time to change with it, to see who we really are in the face of uncertainty, to express our true soul, and to find our place in the chaotic swirl that is life on earth right now.

have you ever felt a burst of emotion
looking out to the sky and ocean
counting the tides and hoping
that this might be an omen


doesn’t matter nothing matters when you let go
run away run away go slo mo’ (slow motion)
my mind and body stay level
but my heart and soul are rebels


i’m fire and ice
both of ’em


is it me or is everybody crashing
imma rise like a phoenix from the ashes
the old world lies in panic
a new world built by the masses

i’m addicted to the rhythm of the universe
feeling high off the meaning of my inner verse
there’s a lie in a truth blessing in a curse
live and die by the pain of the lessons learned


i’m fire and ice
both of ’em

the stars are aligning
the planet is dying
the alpha omega colliding



Love you

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  1. Ooohhh I love this version so much! It has more forward drive and energy than the original, I think. Honestly I'm just really glad this song is back, I was sad when the original disappeared because it's one of my favorites. Thank you for giving it new life!! ♡

  2. Ive waited years to see you come back. You got me through dark times. Your drunken clips were so sweet and cute and made me smile all that time ago. Thanks for being around. And for coming back 🙃

  3. Dude I was about to go to sleep after finishing a reading assignment for class. Probably shouldn't be scrolling through Youtube at 3 something in the morning but what timing🥳XDXDXD 🥰I remember when I first heard this I probably had just subscribed for like not even a year yet. Love both the original and remix.

    ❤️ Love ya Jhameel, this semester I'm back on campus and so far things are starting to make a better turn.

  4. I've been in love with your music since I was in elementary school. You have no idea how much you've helped me make it through high school and college. Thank you! You'll always be my comfort artist!<3


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