French Fries & Lingerie w/ Rick Glassman | Ep 31 | Trash Tuesday w/ Annie & Esther & Khalyla

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0:00 Rick Glassman Caused a Traffic Jam On the Way to the Podcast
3:03 Esther Vies for Rick Glassman’s Attention & Our Bedroom Turn Ons
9:41 Rick Glassman’s Performance Anxiety
19:08 Esther’s No Kissing Story & Rick Glassman’s Chest Hair
26:43 Esther’s Sketchy Massage
29:07 Esther’s Recent First Time With a Special Gummy
44:11 Rating Fast Food French Fries
53:54 Prepping Before Colonoscopies
57:14 Banana Intolerance and Rick & Esther Make Up
1:00:03 Body Juices & Cleanliness
1:03:16 Rick Glassman’s Coaster Obsession
1:07:26 Rick Glassman Signs Off


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Theme Song Written by: Bobby Lee
Intro Animation and Banana Break Song by: Can Nguyen

Produced by: George Kimmel & Bryce Hallock – 7EQUIS


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  1. Does anybody else listen to this at work and then watch it later to see if a specific moment matched up with what your imagination came up with?

  2. I saw this was posted just before I left for work, and I thought, "please don't put this behind a pay wall before I leave." If Esther ever realizes how much she could make off images of her in lingerie, we're ALL going to start being a lot more broke.

  3. Ive never been a fan of Rick, but this has to be one of the best TT episodes so far! He was great with the girls! (sorry…the women).

  4. Another great episode! And is Rick secretly Chris D'Elia's brother? I never noticed how much they sound alike until he roasted Esther.

  5. yo this must be one of the funniest podcasts episodes I've ever watched.. can't tell if they're all secretly lusting after each other or they actually don't find any of themselves attractive at all.. fire banter

  6. NO. No. No. I come her for the femininity , please stick with more feminine guests. Please. Please , Please. Respect to Rick but Come On!!!!!!!

  7. Holy fuck I wish I was Glassman there…Esther's already beautiful AF and cute AF to me, but she's insanely fuckin hot in this episode…Sweet fuckin lord…


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