With Johnny Depp and Amber Heard being slandered, now is the time to find out how the superstar began his acting career.

Early life

Born on June 9, 1963, Depp was the youngest of four children. The actor said he is from Kentucky Oprah Winfrey In his teens, his family moved “maybe 40 times.” “My mother loved to move […] It was normal. We didn’t know anything else. ”

It may be a little understanding of the tumultuous childhood in which Depp had to live again during the slander case.

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There is Depp spoke frankly About his childhood in court, he described his mother as “as cruel as anyone can be” and his father as “polite” and “Stoic”.

At the age of 15, Depp’s parents divorced. In the 90s, he said Hello magazine They were “always fighting” and found solace in his guitar: “When I picked up my guitar, I locked myself in my room every day after class and did nothing but play until I fell asleep.”

Not surprisingly, Depp then left high school to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star with the band. Children. The band was successful locally and opened bands Ramonesthe Pretenders and FIG Iggy Pop. The band, who had been hoping to make their dream come true, moved from Florida to LA before splitting their names.

Lives in Los Angeles

“I moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and was basically an unemployed musician,” Depp said.

Surprisingly, Depp didn’t even think about acting until his good friend Nicholas Cage offered to meet his agent: “I was filling out a job application. […] For me, it was really the point that I would do anything. I was on the verge of being expelled. ”

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It was at this time that Depp married makeup artist Lori Ann Allison and helped organize her first audition. A nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Her debut in a classic horror movie saw her eat live next to her bed. But that wasn’t enough to kill the rock star’s dream.

After starring in the movie, Depp became committed to music and joined Rock City Angels “It stopped when he landed.” Jump Street 21. Depp, often referred to as the “big break,” played Tom Hanson in the 1987 police series as a high school undercover detective. The show was so popular that it raised Depp to the excitement of teenagers. But that was not to his liking.

Depp’s close friend and director, Tim Burton, said, “Johnny doesn’t really feel that way.” he said“Before we met, I must have read about him in ‘Hard Heartbeat.’

Edward Scissors

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Depp left in 1990 Jump Street 21 and stared at Winona Ryder (Strange things) Burtond Edward Scissors. The film marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Depp and Burton, starring Depp Drowsy valley, Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryto The corpse of the bride. With the help of the director, Depp’s career began to become a world superstar.

“You just connect with someone in your life, it’s really simple, it just doesn’t happen so often,” Burton said. LA Times.

World superstar

In 2003, Depp starred in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow’s debut. The show brought him his first Oscar. The following year, he was nominated again Find Neverland . He was re-nominated after working with Burton Sweeney Todd: Fleet Street Devil’s Barber.

Depp has been sidelined since splitting from Amber Heard Pirates of the Caribbean and FIG Awesome animals franchise. After failing in court Nar In 2020, Depp is back in court for defamation with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Hurd for defamation in a 2018 article in the Washington Post. Hurd opposes Depp. The case is set to continue.

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