How to buy SHINee Taemin’s hand mold from Object Set

SHINee Taemin’s hand mold is now available in the latest Taemin Object sets. Shawols shared their excitement at the unexpected gift set by which they can ‘hold’ their favorite artist’s hand. Check where to get Taemin object set, release date and all the details below.

Lee Taemin, deemed as one of the biggest K-pop stars of the third generation has been serving in the military since May 31st. But ‘Taemin missers’ have been constantly getting pre-filmed content from the K-pop legend.

In the latest edition of Taemin surprising fans, the ‘Move’ crooner made his hand mold available for fans in a pretty aesthetic jewelry holder shape. Touched fans hailed the innovative out-of-the-box idea which only made them miss the singer more!

SHINee Taemin posing with his hand for Taemin Object set (SHINee YouTube)

Release date and sales of Taemin object set

SHINee fans can place orders for Taemin’s hand mold in Taemin’s object set from September 7, 3 PM KST/ 2 AM ET. However, Taemin’s object set will be released on 15 October. 2021.

How to buy Taemin’s hand mold in Taemin Object Set

If you are wondering how to buy Taemin’s hand mold, we have got you covered. Taemin’s hand mold in object set will be internationally available through SMTOWN&Store, SM Global Shop, and YIZHIYU.

In Taemin designed exclusive object set, fans will get Hand object (73x145x52mm), Tray (157x120x15mm), 925 Silver Open Ring, Warranty Card (149x189mm), and a Polaroid Card (55x85mm) for 149,000KRW/ 127.88 USD.

SHINee Taemin’s hand in the making video of Taemin object (SHINee YouTube)

Shawols celebrate Taemin’s unexpected gift for fans

SHINee fans have been regularly vocal about missing Taemin as the K-pop enigma serves in the military. So everytime there’s a new Taemin clip, fans call it a reason to celebrate by trending the singer’s name atop on Twitter.

On September 7th, Shawols got the biggest surprise knowing Taemin’s hand mold is exclusively available for fans. An overjoyed tweet read, “Omg now we can buy a replica of Taemin’s hand that we can hold day and night!”

A second fan echoed, “So that hand looking thing is a hand object set where you can put your accessories and the sculpture is of Taemin’s hand shape itself ㅋㅋ he so cute his ideas are so unexpected!”

A third fan stated facts sharing, “Lee Taemin isn’t only an artist, he’s also a certified hand model!”

Taemin released his last critically acclaimed Korean EP ‘Advice’ as a goodbye gift to fans before enlisting. Stream the bop EP here.

Watch Taemin’s hand mold-making video below.

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