Inside, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger have a 23-year relationship

Jerry Hall and her husband, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, are divorcing The New York Times. Let’s take a look at the model’s relationship with ex Mick Jagger.

Murdoch’s separation is unlikely to change the structure of his media business ownership. He owns shares in Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. That is is also related to Foreign news brands such as The Sun in the UK and Sky News in Australia.

The news of the couple’s divorce sparked a lot of discussion on social media, most notably Jerry’s previous relationship with English singer Mick Jagger.

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Inside, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger’s tumultuous relationship

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger were one of the most talked about couples in the entertainment industry in the 70’s and 80’s.

pair reported to have met They both had a separate relationship. Mick was married to his then-wife Bianca, and Jerry was with his fiancé Brian Ferry at the time.

“Brian caught Mick’s attention, but he also saw that Mick surprised me. It couldn’t have been better for him. ” Jerry wrote In his 2010 book Jerry Hall: My life in the picture.

People After marrying singer Bianca in 1978, it was reported that Mick and Jerry had an affair.

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Mick Jerry and the roller coaster ride

The relationship between Mick and Jerry was not very stable. The media and fans were sweeping both the upper and lower levels.

reported People, Mick said Detroit Free Press Jerry “couldn’t live with me” since he stopped smoking.

Jerry Micke revealed his ultimatum: “If I used drugs on him, I would say, ‘Go and don’t come back until you’re straight.’ he wrote decades later.

The couple divorced briefly in 1982, and Jerry began dating A rich horseman named Robert Sangster. “We broke up for a while,” Mick said Rolling stone.

The following year, the couple reunited.

In 1984, they welcomed their eldest son, Elizabeth Scarlett “Lizzie” Jagger.

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The crash of Carla Bruni

Couples in 1992 I broke up again When their daughter, Georgia May, was born.

Reports Mick claims to have visited model Carla Bruni in Thailand (also the future first lady of France).

“When I found out that Mick was still meeting Carla, I felt bad inside.” Jerry told reporters. “We can prove we’re divorced, and then we think we’re divorced. I’m in so much pain to continue this.”

However, Carla denies any connection to Mick. He was quoted as saying People “He’s petrified. His wife can keep him,” he said, but that didn’t stop the rumors.

Complete and final divorce in 1999

Jerry finally filed for divorce In 1999, she married Mick in a Hindu ceremony, which was never legally valid. Instead, the model is no longer valid.

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In 1999, the couple had another scandal The yellow press began to report Model Luciana Morad was carrying Mick’s baby. The rumors were true.

I’m talking about Guardian Jerry said: “I didn’t want to cancel after 23 years and my four children. It felt a little rude.”

The couple has four children, Georgia Mae (30), James (36), Elizabeth (38) and Gabriel Jagger (24).

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