Is New Horizons paying tribute to the late actor?

The latest class Orville: A new level Tribute to Lisa Banes, GEntly Falling Rain.

The talented actress died tragically in 2021.

Here is a brief introduction to his career and personal life.

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Who is Lisa Bance?

American actress Lisa Benes has starred in several shows and movies throughout her acting career.

Born in Ohio, he studied acting at the Juliard School. Prior to appearing regularly on television shows, she was active on Broadway.

and so on The trial of Rosie O’Neill and FIG Son of the beach.

Lisa starred in a commercially successful film The girl who left, Legally blonde, Cocktail and FIG Medical medicine.

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The actor died in 2021

Lisa tragically died in a car accident in 2021 at the age of 65.

He was reported On June 14, he was hit by a scooter while crossing the road in Upper Westside, Manhattan, near Lincoln Center.

He was on his way to Juliard’s school when the tragedy struck.

The actor His wife, Catherine, survived. They lived in Los Angeles and had no children.

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The Orville: Tribute to New Horizons

Usually at the end of the class. but The Orville: New Horizon The first segment is dedicated to the actor.

according to IMDbHe played the role of Speria Balaski in two episodes, including “The Future Unknown” at the end of the season.

This week’s issue Orville: A new level Can be sprayed on Hulu.

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