LEAKED Footage Shows Hospital Staff Discussing How To Make COVID Numbers More 'Scary' To The Public

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Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center has issued a statement after a video of an internal discussion on how the hospital reports its COVID patient count was leaked on social media.



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  1. What are yall's thoughts on this hospital staff discussing how to make the COVID numbers scarier to the public?!

  2. Stop apologizing and saying I’m not saying this I’m not saying that. Be a sheepdog to the sheep’s amongst the wolves. If this your calling accept it and do it

  3. No, the issue is that many people don't seem to care. They are trying to figure out what needs to be explained or done to show how serious this is. That's all. This is a non-issue. Conspiratorial nonsense.

  4. When they talk of c0v1d capacity they are not talking about ALL the beds in the hospital. They are talking about the beds they have DESIGNATED as c0v1d beds. Might be 5 beds in the whole hospital that have been designated as such. Maybe less.

  5. Here's a question… we have thousands of homeless people in very close proximity to each other, practically none of them wear masks and I'm sure most are not vaccinated. Why are they still living? Why hasn't there been reports of mass covid outbreaks in these communities?

  6. Glad you covered this. I hadn't heard coverage about it. As a former medical professional (now a SAHM) I totally agree with you. The job is the job. I cared for HIV/AIDS patients. I didn't get to (or wish to) opt out. There is a risk. It's part of that type of service. You care for people who need to be cared for. It's part of the choice you make when you choose that profession.

  7. I believe the hospitals are getting money from the government for each COVID patient. So of course they'll want to inflate the numbers.

  8. It's sad when you can't just report the news, but you've got to report it with Big Tech editing your words. What has America come to? 1984?

  9. Yes, because they Don't like to say how many Actually Recover, so they ADD those recovering , to a New count, making it LOOK HIGHER than it Actually is, and Who Knows How many times they've been counted as "NEW" ppl who've got it

  10. More proof that the government is lying to us. If u go to the hospital because u were shot in the head. But u had covid in ur system. Than u died of covid. Which is wrong an why the number%ģ

  11. Oh yeah they’re so “overwhelmed” by the patients being infected with the Coronavirus to the point where they have to post videos of themselves dancing on social media. Smh

  12. Maybe they should build more hospitals. Don’t keep bringing and allowing millions of people to come here and don’t have enough hospitals to accommodate them. So much for social healthcare.

  13. Not shocked. Just like they have the same team discussing how to make racism a bigger issue, how to scare people away from the evil racist right wing…smh lol

  14. We live in a country(world) where before you upload a news video you have to read through terms of service for bringing truth to people because it will possibly get banned.

  15. If they had told the truth in the first place, none of this would be happening and we would have treated this so-called outbreak exactly the same as we do the annual flu—ignored it.


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