On Thursday, May 19, Ozzy Osborne’s daughter Amy was terrified after a fire in a Hollywood studio. Music producer Jamal Rajab helped him get out, saving his life.

A deadly fire has claimed the life of one person ABC. He was described as Nathan Avery Edwards, 26. It is unknown what caused the fire.

Amy barely escaped the accident. He said a fire broke out on the second floor of the building.

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Meet Amy Osborne

Amy is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osborne. He is 38 years old and a musician. She is Kelly Osborne’s sister.

Before becoming a musician, Aimi starred in her father’s music videos and documentaries. He came out Howard Stern show In 1998, when he was very young.

Aimee became famous after starring on MTV Wuthering Heights.

He formed the ARO in 2010 with Billy Moler, Rebe Arseneult and Brendan Bucky.

His first studio album, Vakare AdamareReleased in 2020. His latest single, Against meReleased in April 2022.

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Ozzy Osborne’s daughter escaped from the studio fire

With the help of another producer, Jamal Rajab, Aimi and her producer managed to escape the studio fire and lead them.

Jamal said ABC He was on fire when he tried to escape from the building while moving towards hell.

“A wall of fire like a boom, absorbed back like a backdraft movie,” he said.

He also said that Aimi was “ready to jump from the second floor” because he was “scared and about to die.”

The fire was so strong that the corridor was filled with smoke and nothing could be seen. Jamal guided them with his voice.

“My voice projection saved Osborne and the other producers upstairs because they used the same voice projection … and when I heard them say ‘hey,’ come down this path,” he explained.

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Singer Nathan Avery pays tribute to Edwards

in Instagram storyAmy paid tribute to Nathan Aver, victim of a studio fire.

He said: “@averydrift is a guy who couldn’t escape the fire with us yesterday. I’m still completely and utterly shocked, and I can’t wait to sit down long enough to feel and understand that Avery hasn’t been able to overcome it.”

“I send all my love to Avery’s friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who helped us yesterday. @Mrpaine you saved my life and @adambravin’s life. Without you we wouldn’t be here.”

HITC extends its condolences to the family and friends of Nathan Avery Edwards during this difficult time.

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