Miranda Baker – 5 videos of her story of picking up Brian Laundrie

I hate tiktok with a passion. Please, tell your generation that when they record a video, upload the video to youtube at the very least, not TIKTOK. Tiktok adds watermarks, has no slidebar, has no volume bar, and is an absolutely terrible way to watch videos on the internet. Youtube lowers the quality of your videos as do most of these sites, but at least the youtube video player isn’t absolutely offensive.

Thank you. –Internet user since 1995. Computers are better than cell phones and tablets.
Never browse the internet without an adblocker!
PC/Phones: Firefox + uBlock Origin addon.
Android: Youtube Vanced. Youtube vanced is just like the Youtube app on your Android device except it’s modified to disable ads and allow more options such as sponorship block. I never recommend garbage and you can actually trust what I say.

Miranda Baker’s first video is here:



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