Nicki Minaj Fires Back After Backlash Over COVID Vaccine Tweets

Nicki Minaj is defending herself after her tweets about why she hasn’t yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine were misconstrued, leading to an Internet-wide debate. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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  1. Clevver news…THANK YOU SO MUCH for being clear,complete and respectful towards nicki. Literally all media is showing just one tweet about her friend to make her the bad guy. Huge respect to you guys.

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  3. if you contract covid, the doctors in India recommend you to wait for a month or two before getting the shot of vaccine.

    Getting vaccine shots doesn't guarantee that you will not get covid, but it does guarantee that your body will have a stronger immune response to the virus if you do contract the disease. So, get vaccinated.

    It is ironic that people in the states are given incentives to encourage them to get vaccinated when many countries around the world don't have enough vaccines.

  4. She’s not very smart, obviously!! Not a pulmonologist, virologist, epidemiologist or even a medical Dr., yet, spreads mis/disinformation or rumor without batting an eye!

  5. It's fine that Nicki is sceptical, it's fine that Nicki might not want to get the vaccine (at least not now) it's everyone's choices. What I don't like is that when she says it she get minor backlash but when someone else they're accused of being dumb

  6. Not understanding what Nikki did wrong she’s protecting her self and her child she’s talking about Nikki is not telling black women and black people not to wear a mask not to get vaccine what information and what Tweet she was reading girl you need to get it you on TV you got a platform on CNN STOP 🛑 with the foolishness

  7. Soooo, because she is a celebrity, she can't have/share her own opinion? Like seriously? She has the right to not get it. Everyone, grow up.

  8. The only person that actually take covid and the pandemic seriously, who didn't leave her house, who had a open discussion with her fans and encourage them to do the right think and to don't be forced or bullied into something but is dragged for doing so yet it have other celebraties who is host huge parties and events and spreading the virus. Confuse!🤔

  9. Nikki doesn't have to get anything in her body that she doesn't want. It's her body & no one should make u do something u don't wanna do, that's why i thought the US was a free country, free to do whatever u want, say, think, eat, scratch or do. The idiotic fact is that no one in a "free democracy" or Western nation is actually free, it's lies told by govts around the world for centuries to get the public into a false sense of lull.

  10. Good For Her. She was honest, sincere and on the mark but now they are going after her? Crazy and pathetic that it's comes down to, you can't have an opinion if it goes against the sheep.

  11. Nicki minaj is an entertainer. Joe Rogan is an entertainer. If you're taking actual medical advice from entertainers and not doctors than there's something wrong with you that no vaccine can fix.

  12. Your cousin's friend balls ain't got nothing to do with the vaccine, probably picked up a virus from another woman and try to blame it on the vaccine for cover up.

  13. What more research is there to make smh, she's pandering by having a 'convo' with fans-the science is there factual, she should be vaccinated

  14. From a clinical scientist I can tell you that mRNA vaccines are a very safe way of providing immunity. All it does is take the coding for the covid spike proteins and make them in the body when injected. Your body recognises the proteins as foreign and creates antibodies against them. mRNA vaccines don’t change your DNA in anyway, that would be genetic engineering which is WAY more complicated then a simple jab, and uses completely biological ingredients. It may be worrying that this is a new type of vaccine but it is proven to be safer then the typical antibody vaccine. Also for other people saying that the vaccine was made too quickly it has actually been in development for years and scientists completed each stage of development all at the same time to speed it up instead of doing it one after the other so it had the same amount of testing done on it. Hope this helps anyone

  15. Just because she's a performer doesn't mean she has any medical, scientific, academic or sociopolitical acumen. She's never been scholarly or focused on anything concerning andragogy. Her opinions are just that.

  16. I see nothing wrong with what she tweeted. People live trying to paint her the bad guy it’s really sad. Twitter is such a toxic place.

  17. Most people with common sense won't take a UNTESTED high risk vaccine I will never take it I HAVEN'T contacted covid I don't wear a mask I don't social distance I go to bars/restaurants/movie theaters/a wedding with 50 or 60 people with no masks no social distancing no one got sick I'm so over this bullshit healthy Americans don't need a vaccine period

  18. Say the truth Nikki..ur “R” hubby can’t travel n u can’t leave ur baby with him alone !!
    Oh and stop lying bout u getting the 🦠 virus that shat last ova 2 weeks don’t bs us! Who u think u fooling??

  19. Literally, people in my country have fallen seriously ill from the vaccine even including seizures. Idc what anyone says. Take it if want don't take if u want but I don't believe people should be forced to do something they don't want.


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