Nicki Minaj’s Controversial Vaccine Tweet, Trump Gets Bomb Blocked & Lunatics Run for CA Governor

Today is election day in California and we will find out if Gavin Newsom will remain governor or will be replaced by one of 46 lunatics, we take to the street for a new recall election edition of Lie Witness News, another tell-all book is on the way about Trump’s final days in the White House and a very nervous group of high-ranking officials, Nicki Minaj caused Met Gala drama with a tweet about getting vaccinated, Apple held its annual iPhone event, and in celebration of Cousin Micki’s 50th we got some of her friends and family together for a loving tribute.

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  1. Happy Birthday Micki you're beautiful may your best Wishes come True! 💜 Celebrate with the Foxzen song Champion of Accomplishment on Yt🦊

  2. Love it. I say stuff wrong too.
    When are we going to see your lovely children again Jimmy, nearer Halloween maybe? Take care 👋🇬🇧

  3. So I guess Trump would have started a war then I’m not sure how the rest of the scenario would go. Would he have then nullified the election on the grounds that the US was destabilized because of the war, declare martial law and then stay in power that way? Or is there a more likely scenario? Anyone understand the logic or is this just a manic move without a real plan?

  4. Nicki’s cousins friend Was diagnosed with gonorrhoea right before his wedding. He had to tell his fiancée about it and she called it off. And Nicki knows this fact as well.

  5. the people that you interviewed are …. sorry, speechless at the level of stupidity , or is this all a joke? yes, it is a joke… just for laughs.. right?


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