Real Thoughts on Tech Leaks!

iPhone 14 was trending on Twitter last week.

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  1. Leaks are just free marketing, now. I refuse to talk about them and follow content made about them. Waste of my time that could be spent doing something productive.

  2. Matthew monez and now mkbhd speaking about same thing…makes me curious as to what do these influencers have against the ip14 leak….

  3. So M is slamming hype videos and this is nothing else but hyping the hype videos.
    Where's sense in that other than that he's really struggling to put up a video with a content worth watching.
    This is what happens when you try to split the info across few channels(projects) he has.
    Give it few years and he'll be doing mouth sounds or something 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Awww… was hoping for some radical change :(…. I want to feel like I need to upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus but I really haven’t been given a good reason in all these years =/.

  5. I can use movie trailers as an example. I'm a huge movie buff and before youtube I always bought magazines on movies that were being made and would be released in the near future and then a week or 2 before it is released in theaters in my country the trailer would come on TV and the hair on the back of my neck would stand up because I would feel an adrenaline rush for some reason. This happened about 2 to 3 time a year with movies from actors and directors I liked.
    Now with the accessibility to the internet and platforms like youtube, it's possible to see channels dedicated to new trailers, first looks, etc to the point where I tried to stop watching trailers to upcoming movies. I felt the hype generated by the trailers and first looks, detracted from the movie and when I went to the cinema to watch the movie, my expectations were not met in most cases. Sure there's instances where the movie was just plain bad.
    I believe this analogy can be used with tech leaks as well.

  6. Stolen property? Apple refused the return of the phone. Apple is the a**hole in this story. A media outlet reporting on information given to them is just free press.

  7. I hate the leaks. They just raise expectations because most of them are aspirational. look at the iPhone 13… nothing like the upgrade we have been led to believe.

  8. I stopped watching the leaks videos. It takes away, like you said. The specialness of the event. Example I saw a pic of the squares off Apple Watch and was absolutely buzzing for it matching the design of the iPads and iPhones.
    Watched the keynote last night and was totally bummed
    Out that that wasn’t the case at all 😩. Very disappointed

  9. I just feel like the iPhone SE first gen is the best looking iPhone till date, untill Apple re-released the same iPhone 5 design with the iPhone 12, it just shows that they regret changing the style of the iPhone with the release of the iPhone 6. Oh yeah and don't even bother buying the mini's, you gotta charge them atleast twice a day

  10. Yes leaks do make us anticipate a little more before the launch event sometimes. For example there was a leak about the projector type keyboard leak for the I phone which was bogus but yea, we thought there could be a possibility.
    It surely does create a good hype

  11. It’s like watching or enjoying a show, I sometimes can’t help but to look at leaks but it messes with the enjoyment of the release.

  12. Honestly used to be a big follower of leaks and figuring out which ones would be true or not. As I’ve gotten older I don’t care about them as much because I don’t care to upgrade my products every year anymore. I dont mind keeping my phone for two/ three years now or my MacBook for 6/7 years even if it looks cool at the moment. I’ve noticed my interest has diminished and Apple doesn’t really excite me much anymore.

  13. my question is, why do leaks matter so much to the purchasing market. the phone will be what it is, knowing ahead doesn't change it. Phones change with the releases even if minor, that's what they do. Phone comes out, compare the details, choose it or don't. if you were waiting and disappointed, there's plenty of other phones. It's like people's obsession with gender reveal parties "it's a *".. yeah no kidding. it's a better camera, would you have sold a worse one?

  14. Have to know whether I should sell my phone for an upgrade or not. After the new phone is announced, game is over, depreciation is a biz notch.

  15. The Gizmodo tech leak incident is probably the only real one. The other so called "leaks"? Nah I don't buy it. Probably approved by the manufacturers to test the public opinion first

  16. Leaks, even if it's just design leaks, is very valuable for a lot of people. Helps make purchasing decisions for people who can't afford to buy evty single release from every single company.

  17. Mkbhd really tried hard really hard not to give credit to Jon for his leaks ! Especially saying “ I don’t care “ & “ its only esthetics “ felt like Marques was pissed on Jon cause he just lost an esclusive Iphone 14 video as we already know how the Iphone 14 will be really look !

  18. I stopped caring about any leaks. Knowing it before the actual official announcement does not make the price lower or getting the product sooner or any other benefits.

  19. Maybe it takes a bit from the surprise but I still prefer leaks ASAP. Like right now I’m considering buying MBP so knowing what to expect helps with planning the purchase


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