Sonic Colors Ultimate: Early access release time and all Deluxe bonuses

The Sonic Colors Ultimate early access release time is almost here and Sega’s Digital Deluxe version comes with a bunch of other pre-order bonuses.

Reviews for the game are now out and the reception has been extremely positive. Most seem to agree that it’s an even better version of one of the blue hedgehog’s best ever 3D games, and it’s something that both hardcore fans and newcomers will enjoy.

Whether this is your first rodeo as Sonic or your umpteenth return, the good news is that you will be able to race in his iconic red sneakers very soon.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!



Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Meet the Wisps!





What time does Sonic Colors Ultimate come out?

The release date and time for when Sonic Colors Ultimate early access will come out is 00:00 BST on September 3rd for PlayStation but 14:00 BST for Xbox.

Both respective times come courtesy of the PSN and Microsoft shops. As for Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games store, its early access release date is the same but no launch hour has been shared.

Nintendo Support says that new games typically unlock at 15:00 BST or 18:00 BST, meanwhile, the Epic Games store shares no suggestions at all.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Digital Deluxe pre-order bonuses

The pre-order bonuses for the Sonic Colors Ultimate Digital Deluxe edition are a player icon pack and movie fx cosmetic.

You will get these bonuses for pre-ordering the Standard edition (£34.99), meanwhile, the following is exclusive to the Digital Deluxe (£39.99) package:

  • Early Access
  • Ultimate Music Pack
  • Metallic Pack
  • Movie player icons

All of these bonuses come via the game’s official website.

Physical copies

Sega has announced that physical copies of the game have been delayed for Europe.

This physical copy comes with the same digital bonuses along with an utterly adorable baby Sonic keychain. As for why they’ve been delayed, the Sega Europe Twitter account simply says it’s due to “unforeseen logistical issues”.

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