SpaceX Starship Updates! Super Heavy Booster 4 Testing Next Week?! TheSpaceXShow

Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from TheSpaceXFans. We have a whole heap of updates to kick off this video for the standard SpaceX news. Then, over in Boca Chica, orbital infrastructure and prototypes are progressing very nicely. Plus, we have Starship 20 progress continuing as they look to test that prototype soon. We also have B4 rolled out to the launch site and installed on the orbital mount with possible Super Heavy Booster 4 testing next week?! We also have Super Heavy Booster 5 pieces that have been spotted as they prototype also continues construction. Sit back and enjoy!

All sorts of cool and up to date SpaceX info from launches to boosters and more:


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Massive thanks to these people:
Stephen Marr:
Nic Ansuini:
Brendan Lewis:


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  1. nasa is government funded by taxpayers and they have to obied by a bidding process for goods and services ! spacex got the bid because it was at much lower cost as usual ! this is why so many aerospace companies are gettn there undies in a bunch


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