Stop sharing real video? Naga girl rape in Rajasthan, when we will get justice ⚖️

#nagagirlrape #justiceforloviassumi

Think 💯 times before sharing anything.

Many nonsense youtubers also uploaded wrong information to get views


Words are been taken from the Nagaland Express

Most Inhumane, brutal, gruesome,….. are some of the comments for a viral video, circulating through various social media, which has shaken the roots of humanity. The video has been circulated, saying it’s related to the recent incident which happened in Rajasthan’s, Jodhpur, where a 25-year old Naga woman has died of suicide.

Additional Director General of Police, Delhi Police and Special Commissioner, also President of Helping Hands Society, Robin Hibu IPS informed that the viral video is not related to the 25-year old Naga woman, who died of suicide at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur on May 23, 2021.

we want justice asap🙏



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  2. The one who is making this video just remember that even you have a sister if this happen with any of our family members what will you do
    Ok if this is fake video than show the original video of the girl….????


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