Stranger Things’ blue hair tie is a heartbreaking link between Hopper and Eleven

From just a few things from “Stranger Things,” fans can see the amazing meaning behind Jim Hopper and Eleven’s blue hair tie.

Who would have thought that such a small thing could be so important?

This is what happens in Stranger Things, and every detail is important. This time, fans probably didn’t notice the blue hair tie until they wore Eleven.

Now fans are excited about the unforgettable trip to a small object. Continue reading to find out how important a blue hair tie is to strangers.


The meaning behind Eleven’s blue hair tie

Just like the title Strange things The fans may face strange revelations in every class. Eleven’s blue hair tie attracted the attention of many fans.

Strange things 4 | 2nd bot trailer | Netflix

The video, posted by Netflix, shows the mysterious blue hair tie journey, from Hopper’s daughter to eleven, and the heartbreaking reality in between.

For the first and second seasons, Hopper always wore a blue hair tie on his right wrist, and fans knew it belonged to his late daughter, Sarah. We see Sarah wearing her hair while playing with Jimin. He later lost his hair after chemotherapy, and Hopper wore his hair on his wrist.

We still wear Hopper when he first joins Eleven, but as the classes continue and our relationship progresses, he gives it to her.

Hopper later adopted El (Eleven) and the two fell in love, realizing that fans were wearing the same braided bracelet. The bracelet is very important to Hopper and now belongs to him.

From the chronology of Eleven and Hopper

Strangers / Netflix credits

In the first season of Stranger Things, Jim Hopper struggled to cope with his daughter’s death. His daughter, Sarah, died of cancer, and when their relationship broke down, he divorced his wife, Diana. Jim used alcohol and drugs to cope with his grief.

Eleven girls, who were used as experimental children in the Hawkins laboratory, were left alone and are believed to have died in the woods after escaping. Hopper, who found him alone, took his father’s instincts and decided to take him home at the end of the first season. If they found out that 11 was alive, they hid him in a cabin, knowing that the government would take him. all year round.

Like any teenager, Eleven came out and wanted to meet his love Mike and his friends. A series of events took place in Hawkins, and finally the second season was a success, and Hopper became the adopted parent of eleven. Eld gave Jane Hopper a new life under a pseudonym.

At the end of the third season, there is chaos at Starcourt Mall and Hopper disappears. The speculation that he is dead completely breaks the heart of the 11. However, in the fourth season, we see that he was still alive, but was taken to the Russians and taken prisoner of war.

Joyce rescued him, but Hopper is still stuck in Russia, so he can’t see 11. Meanwhile, he still doesn’t know what happened when he tried to regain power.

Where is Eleven now?

Strangers / Netflix credits

With Hopper gone, Eleven was left alone. Joyce, who had fallen in love with Hopper because he had no one to turn to, offered to accompany them when they left Hawkins.

As the season progresses quickly, Eleven and her friend Will live a teenage life in California, so the rest of the gang stays with Hawkins. Hopper is still thought to be dead and is still alive. But we can see how important it is for him to keep wearing a blue hair tie. When he is stolen and placed in a bunker to regain his strength, he embarks on a journey to the path of remembrance. Seeing his cruel past helps open the door and regain his strength.

Now that the Eleven has returned, it remains a mystery that Vekna was defeated alone. Vekna, who has fought Demogorgon and Demodog in the past, is the most dangerous antagonist the Party has ever fought.

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