The selection of the Indy 500 for the 2022 Grand Prix is ​​underway, but what are the fastest criteria to be registered in the near distance at IMS?

They will come out one by one and try to take over four turns and 2.5 miles of Indianapolis Highway.

Ahead of the spectacular race on May 29, the 106th round of the Indy 500 will take place this weekend.

In practice, the four-lap running criteria are the fastest in Speedway.

But what is the fastest run in the Indy 500?

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The fastest Indy 500 test run

After 10 miles, drivers can overcome or break it. IMS is unforgiving, and even a small mistake can lead to a major accident.

You don’t have a small accident on Indi.

The fastest run of the Indy 500 was a 1996 race.

Ari Luendyk Reynard, a Dutch racer who had already won 500 races in 1990, averaged 236,986 miles in four laps, but that didn’t give him the ultimate spot.

After another driver’s accident damaged his best car, Luendyk was forced to move to a spare car.

As a result, the new car was so light that it had to leave on the second day of the competition, so it lost second place in the table.

It was here that the Luyendyk Indy 500 set the fastest test run in history, reaching 237,498 mph at the time, the fastest run IMS has ever seen.

He failed to qualify for the pole race after losing to a weightlifter on the first day, so it was enough to get into the 20th.

September 13, 1996: Ari Luendic during the Las Vegas 500K training session on the Las Vegas Motorway in Nevada, in the second round of the Indi Racing League Championship. Mandatory loan: David Taylor / Allsport

The 2022 class is approaching

In practice before the actual session, Ed Carpenter Racing’s Conor Daly accelerated to 243 mph as the third lap approached, even with a tail wind.

The 2022 field was the fastest run of the official Indy 500.

Tony Stewart accelerated to 233,100 miles per hour, according to Luyendik.

However, after the first run of Rinus WK, in 2022, 15 of the 33 runners overtook Stuart.

The VeeKay Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet had an average speed of 233,655 mph.

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