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They're PERFECT! | One Last Time – Hamilton (Live from The Kennedy Centre Honors)


They're PERFECT! | One Last Time – Hamilton (Live from The Kennedy Centre Honors)

Can Christopher Jackson ever sound bad? I truly don’t think so… Lin Manuel absolutely kills it too! I can never get enough of these songs!!
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  1. The "guy" on the piano is not a piano player, he is Alex Lacamore, the musical director of both 'In the Heights' and Hamilton and a multiple Tony award winner and also being honored at this ceremony.

  2. The version of this song that never fails to make me cry is when they did this song in the White House for an audience that included President Obama right before he was to leave office for the last time. It was just that more poignant, knowing the circumstances of the private concert they were singing at. (And a little bit of what was to come after Obama was gone, really.)

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