TikTok fisherman .sauce.90 claims he’s seen real mermaids

If you want to see some bizarre videos, TikTok is the place to go.

The app is full of wacky trends. From people joining social media ‘cults’ to others claiming they are time travelers from the future, you’ll find everything on TikTok.

One creator has gone viral this month after posting videos about the weird things he’s seen whilst out at sea, and he even claims to have seen and heard mermaids.

Yes, REAL mermaids! Let’s get to know @.sauce.90 a little better…

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer



TikTok – Music Colour Trailer





Who is .sauce.90?

@.sauce.90 is a TikTok user with 335,000 followers on the app.

He is a fisherman in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who documents his time at sea and shows fans the interesting things he comes across.

You can also follow him on Instagram @toomuch_sauce90 and Snapchat @rjcoleman247.

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He claims to capture mermaids

In his most-viewed videos, .sauce.90 claims to see mermaids and records their sounds live on camera.

However, he calls them sirens, which in fiction are a type of mermaid that can lure sailors with their hypnotic singing, causing them to crash into the rocky coast.

In his videos, you can hear a high-pitched screaming noise which he claims are the sirens.

Most people are convinced his videos must be fake, but his clips and conspiracies have gone viral online nonetheless, and he’s become known as TikTok’s ‘mermaid guy’.

In one video, he even claims to have captured a siren on camera, and you can see a big creature with a long tail swimming through the ocean. However, some people have claimed it’s actually just an Orca.

Recently, he even alleged that the government came to investigate his boat after his TikTok videos went viral.

@.sauce.90 death hoax goes viral

Over the past few weeks, @.sauce.90 hasn’t been going out to sea because he was involved in a near-fatal accident.

He shared what happened on Instagram on August 11th, posting a photo of a smashed-up car with the caption: “I’m just happy I’m alive. Someone was watching over me.”

Following his car crash, a rumour began spreading online that he had died, but he took to Instagram again to confirm that it was all a hoax.

“Ok ya’ll can stop it now. Lmao damn sh*t getting out of hand! I’m alive don’t believe the media! WTF BRO…really,” he wrote.

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In other news, TikTok fisherman .sauce.90 claims he’s seen real mermaids

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