Here is today’s Paper of Zilladar by PPSC -13-09-2020

1- At the time of British Assam and junahgarh was part of ?
2- Capital name Spain ?
3- Gastapu is police of which country ?
4- A body which fallan from skay to Earth is called?
5- Gomal Dam Zam dam is in which province of Pak?
6- Correct Spelling of ” Victory”
7- If a farmer brought 6 tofees in a rupee, then if he got 20% profit on them , how many tofees he will sale ?
8- who was care taker PM of pakistan in 2017 ?
9- who is current Governer of Satate Bank of Pakistan ?
10- who represented pakistan when indus water treaty was signed ?
11- On which date Human Rights day has celebrated ?
12-Religion name of Japan is ?
13- Rocky layer earth is called?
14- Which is 2nd largest deposit in eart curst ?
15- Who is once considered as Pak india embassider ?
16- In Ms word 2106 print option is present in ?
17- How many Sheets are there in Execel 2016
18- What is called in English for shortest speach ?
19- What is short cut key to size of a character to 1 step larger ?
20- How many Ahdees ware narrated by Hazrat Ayesh R.a ?
21- Who viryfieded Prophet as Rasool first time ?
22- what is the meaning of Nabi ?
23- Catheypafic is Airline of which country ?
24- What is distance of earth to moon ?
25- Speaker is which type of device ?
26- CPU is uesd to store memory as type of , binary , encoding etc ?
27- Hexagon have how many sides
28- Oplymic games Firstly started in ?
29- ,Were is the head quarter of UNICEF ?
30- Aus parny ka kaya matlab hai ?
31- Log milty rahy qafila banta raha ” yeh ashaar kis k hain ?
31- Isa jumlah jis main Filhal bhi ho aur mustaqbil bhi yeh gramer ki roh sy kaya kahlaye ga?
32- Bisparna ka kaya matlab hai ?
33- Raye Akhtar Hussain kis therik sy wabasta thy ?
34 Kis main rah k magarmachon sy dushmani buri hoti hai , samandar , darya , talab etc ?
35- how many member are there in first sessions of ML
36- who is consider as first social leader in Subcontinent?
Aarchey ” is sea port of which country ?
37- Which ghazwa was fought in 2 hijrah ?
38- What is the snonymasy of ” Liffly”
39- When Lord curzon apparted bangal ?
40- Ain Daj Dam is were ( is tarah ka e kuch tha )
41- Nokia is company of which coutry ?
42- Comerade news paper was issued on which date ?
43- Earthquake of 2008 in District bagh victims what is exect date ?
44- who is founder of scientific socity ?
45- who is current deputy speaker of National Assembly?
46- Which country is not a member of Regional cooperative group ?
47- which is key to cut selected items ?
48- Dynamite was invented by ?
49- Which instrument is uesd to misure humidity ?
50- Cover of Qaba is called?

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