Top 10 most viewed Twitch streamers: August 2021

Despite some big losses to YouTube Gaming, Twitch remains the number one livestreaming platform available, occupying much of the viewership of streaming fans. But which broadcasters are the most popular?

With each passing month, there’s a new Twitch streamer setting up to fly through the ranks and make themselves a serious name in the community.

But that said, many of the biggest streamers are mainstays atop the Twitch viewership charts. xQc and NICKMERCS, for example, have spent a long time building their Twitch community and regularly hold tens of thousands of viewers.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 most viewed Twitch streamers in August.

Most watched Twitch streamers (August)

As you might have guessed, xQc tops the viewership charts for August once again, an ever-present at the top. Not only that but we see two Spanish and two Portuguese-speaking streamers in the top 10, meaning almost half of them are non-English streams.

All stats courtesy of SullyGnome.

Streamer Watch time Stream time Peak viewers
xQc 19,136,968 hours 312 hours 102,676
Auronplay 14,282,325 hours 118 hours 243,065
loud_coringa 11,912,874 hours 157 hours 139,995
NICKMERCS 11,603,615 hours 235 hours 103,775
ibai 11,109,584 hours 122 hours 490,194
Gaules 9,761,566 hours 736 hours 77,884
TrainwrecksTV 8,544,384 hours 320 hours 50,383
ROSHTEIN 7,728,531 hours 347 hours 40,795
summit1g 7,500,613 hours 318 hours 42,406
Asmongold 7,437,561 hours 130 hours 106,282

xQc put in some serious hours in August and was rewarded with the top spot, with almost 5 million more hours watched ahead of second-placed Auronplay.

Brazilian Twitch star loud_coringa rounds out the podium spots, while popular names like Asmongold and summit1g get in just ahead of the likes of HasanAbi and fps_shaka.

xqc thumbs up smile
Twitch: xQc

xQc is basically Twitch royalty at this point.

TimTheTatman came 14th overall as the most viewed Warzone streamer, but he’s got his sights set elsewhere after his switch over to YouTube Gaming at the start of September.

Meanwhile, there were some names hovering around the top 25 despite barely streaming in August. Ranboo picked up over 4.4m hours watched despite streaming for just 46 hours, while AdinRoss’ 58 hours streamed earned him almost 4.2m hours watched.

With some more hours in the books, we could see these guys fly up into the top ten and really shake up the rankings in September.

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