UDC Test of N/HMP Solved
Image:UDC Test of N/HMP Solved

1-Father of Astronomy Galileo
2-Which us Prided ent was killed. Ibrham Lincoln
3-Al Basar means Hearing
4-Treaty of Hudaibiya 628 AD
5-Mashal Haram Mosque is in Muzdalifa.
6-3rd Caliph Hazrat Usman Ghani
7-17 Para Name Iqtarab
8-Bibi Khadija Belongs to Family of Banu Asad
9-Prophet A dress Khutba 1 Hijra
10-Prohpet Performed Hajj in 10 Hijra.
11-Namaz e Khasoof During Solar Eclipse
12-Types of Zakat 2
13- Numbers of Muslims in Ghazwa Badar 313
14- Specific Goddes Of Qurish Uzza
15- Tagasur Ayat 8
16- Pakistan Forest Institution Peshawar
17- Tajikistan Connects Pakistan Through Wakhan
18 – Islamia College Peshawar found in 1913
19- Khyber Pass located in Hindu kash Ranges
20- Sir Syed Found Translate society in Ali Garh
21- 1st Census in Sub continent During the Regime of Lard Mayo
22 Day of Delevrance 22 December 1939
23- Mirani Dam is on Dasht River Balochistan
24- Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire ..
25- 1960 Minar e Pakistan Found
26- Article 19 of Constitution of pakistan Freedom of speech press
27- Ibrahim Lodhi defeat by Babar in Panipat
28- Current Air Cheif of Pakistan Mujahid Anwar
29- Singapore Separate from Malaysia
30- Only 1 Word of Urdu in National Anthem
31- 1st Rocket Rahbar
32- Katas Raj is in Chakwal
33- Book Pakistan Heart of Asia is written by Liaqat Khan
34- Khojak Connect Chiman With Qila Abdullah
35- Sukkur Barrage other Name Loyald Barrage
36- In Arfa Kareem Memory 8 Rupees Post stamp
37- Last Town of Karokaram Range Sost or Sust
38-:Temple of Heaven is in China
39- William Walec is Fighter of Scotland
40- Longest River of Europe Volga
41- National Flower of Hungry Tulip
42- IG of KPK Sanaullah Abbasi
43- Chairman of CPEC authority Asim Saleem Bajwa

Total was 80 Questions 20 was English

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