Internet language has been around for many years, and many people know the classic acronyms like “hehe,” “bff,” and “lmao.”

Other countries and languages ​​have their own Internet dialects, and 520 are popular in China.

If you want to know the meaning and history of the number 520, read below.

What does 520 mean?

When you say the number five or two zeros in Chinese (wǔ èr líng), it sounds very close to the word “wǒ ài nǐ”, which means “I love you.”

So the number 520 is used by English-speaking people as an internet phrase, “I love you,” just like how they use the abbreviation “ily.”

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The numbers 5.2.0 represent May 20, which is a romantic day in China similar to Valentine’s Day. Many couples celebrate this day as Valentine’s Day.

Registration in China offices The queue of couples who want to get married on May 20 is associated with a romantic date.

What does 521 mean?

The number 521 after 520 is often used to mean “I’m ready” or “I”.

May 21 is celebrated as a romantic day, and although it is not a national holiday, many couples consider it another Valentine’s Day of the year.

according to ChinaInternetWatchMay 20 is the day for men to express their love for the special woman of their lives, and May 21 is the day for women to return their love to men.

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