Every year, May 20 is celebrated as “National Day for the rescue of dogs from the zoo.”.

If you are a dog lover, you will be happy to hear that today is a holiday … but what does it have to do with how everyone celebrates?

What is National Rescue Dog Day?

Every year, May 20 is celebrated as “National Rescue Dog Day to promote dogs living in zoos and waiting for their eternal home.”

Furthermore, this is important because these dogs need a new owner full of lifelong love.

Children’s book author Lisa Viebrink reports that in 2018, National Salvation Dog Day was initiated.

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The author is also the CEO of Tails That Teach, which teaches children to be kind to their pets.

According to the instructions National Rescue Dog Day The website inspired Lisa to create this tribute by rescuing her dog from an animal shelter in Los Angeles.

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Speaking of his rescue dog, he said: “Cooper has something special. He’s a gentle gentleman.

“His grateful spirit and unconditional love assure me that I know I am saved.”

Lisa added: “For these reasons, I wanted other people to think about adopting a dog from the shelter.”

What are animal lovers doing to celebrate?

Not surprisingly, many people celebrate the day by sharing cute pictures of their furry friends, as dogs bring a lot of comfort to the home.

Let’s see what some people have to say about this day.

Someone said, “I saw Leo, the national rescuer, celebrate Dog Day with him, sit on the floor, grab his toy, and run straight into the next room, staring at me.”

The second man said, “I didn’t save him technically, but he saved me.

“He was an old friend of mine and was a random puppy. He was my best friend for almost 8 years, and I would have really disappeared without him. #NationalRescueDogDay #AdoptDontShop.”

Another tweeted: “It was the right decision for me to save this guy who became my best friend and protector and gave me back my ability to live bravely with PTSD. #NationalRescueDog Day.”

One shared that he was celebrating by dressing his dog.

A fifth person posted a picture of his family hugging their dog: “Every year on May 20, we celebrate National Rescue Dog Day to provide information about the countless amazing dogs waiting to be adopted!

“Our furry friends give us so much love, friendship and wet kisses, and we have so many ways to celebrate #National Salvation Dog Day.”

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